Pinkathon’s Hyderabad chapter gets women to reclaim the streets, with a message for body positivity

If women could only reclaim the streets and their bodies – in whatever they choose to wear, without feeling conscious about their stretch marks and cellulite, wouldn’t that be wonderful? That’s exactly what happened when a group of 12 women chose to participate in a run in sports bras for Pinkathon’s Hyderabad chapter. These women attempted to send out a strong message about positivity and create acceptance.

It all started when Hyderabad-based social worker Mihira Appender reached out to her friends last year, where they trained to run and keep their focus on body positivity. ‘My bojja (colloquial for tummy), my rules’, was the tagline of this year’s run. She also wanted to start a dialogue about the safety aspect for women.
When the participants hit the streets, a few more runners even joined them along the Necklace Road track. 
There were inspiring art installations from Hoozinc, Hyderabad’s art and design studio, where the ladies put up stickers highlighting why they love their bodies. “We’re proud to be supporting this endeavour, to create awareness about body positivity, and help women make their own rules for their own bodies,” says Chandni Mathur, co-founder of Hoozinc, who participated in the run as well.