Chandni Mathur and Nikhil Kapur, professionally known as Hoozinc, is an urban artist duo based out of India. For almost a decade they have been passionately working on their skills as stencil artists while growing their purview of art. They run two art centric companies, Hoozinc Art and Design Studio which is a creative art studio that provides art as a service and The Hoozinc store, that deals in experimental art products and is a more direct extension of their passion for urban art. Over the last few years, they have worked commercially on graffiti and wall art across several urban environments of India. As their passion and understanding of art evolves continuously, they keep exploring the use of graffiti and mural artwork as a way of sparking life in ordinary places, instigating thought where there is none and provoking discussions on topics that are deemed taboo.Their street art focuses on the happenings of everyday life, inspired very much by social issues that require attention. Hoozinc strongly believes that “art has the power to change the world” and you can see it with every piece they do.